Wilson Combat Hammers and Sear


Wilson Combat Hammers and Sear

#337 Skeletonized Ultralight Hammer

The Skeletonized Ultralight Hammer is wire EDM cut from solid A-2 tool steel bar stock and heat treated to R/C 48-52 to produce the finest 1911 hammer on the market.

This hammer features a skeletonized spur for minimum weight and fastest possible lock time, hammer hooks cut to .020" with 8 RMS ground finish and narrow half-cock notch to prevent sear nose damage. Combine with our Ultralight Trigger (#190) and Deluxe Sear (#314) for the ultimate trigger job. Minor fitting required.

#455B Value Line Speed Hammer
Our new Value Line Speed Hammer offers you reliable performance at a very affordable price. With cosmetics basically identical to our deluxe fully machined #337B Ultralight hammer, it has a real custom look too. They're manufactured using the MIM (metal injection molding) process which produces a quality product at a much lower price than possible with conventional manufacturing methods.

#299 Series Deluxe Commander Style Hammer

The rugged reliability of our Deluxe Commander hammer has made it extremely popular with serious shooters. These hammers are skeletonized to provide a lightning fast lock time without sacrificing durability.

The Deluxe Hammer features a narrow half cock notch similar to those found on the 70 series Colt hammers for maximum security. It's no wonder that this hammer is one of the best selling hammers made. Minor fitting required.

The Sear is the heart of a fine trigger job and must have the proper finish and design. The Wilson CombatTM Deluxe Sear is precision wire EDM cut from A-2 tool steel bar stock, heat treated for maximum hardness and then the contact surfaces are ground to an ultra-smooth 8 RMS finish.